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Cool Faded Beard Styles You Should Try

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The beard fade is perhaps one of the coolest beard styles for men. By lining up a tapered fade with a beard, guys can create a fresh faded beard that uniquely transitions from their low or high tapered haircut to their full beard. The contrast and styling of a beard shape up, especially with a skin fade on the sides, creates a stylish and trendy modern look that’s perfect for rugged men and hipsters alike. If the faded beard looks like an awesome new men’s style worth trying, check out the different ways to shape up your beard. Below are some examples of the best tapered beards to try this year!

Best Faded Beard Styles

These styles require facial hair to be precisely cut and blended. If you’re thinking about growing a beard and grooming it to fade into your hairstyle, we highly recommend you leave it to your barber. Fading a beard isn’t easy and one false move while trimming can turn a potentially awesome beard fade into no beard at all.

To learn exactly how to fade a beard, we suggest you watch your barber or stylist do it first. Seeing a professional at work can help you determine the right length, the right clipper sizes to use, and where to start the beard fade. After all, if you love the idea of fades and beards together, then you’ll want your cut to turn out perfect.

Cool Fades with Beards

Low Skin Fade + Line Up + Textured Top + Long Beard

Undercut Fade + Hard Part Comb Over + Short Beard Fade

High Bald Fade + Brushed Back Hair + Cool Beard Fade & Design

Quiff + Faded Sideburns + Beard

Mid Bald Fade + Crop + Full Beard

Low Taper Fade with a Beard

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