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Grooming Tips: Learn How to Maintain & Style Your Beard

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Beard grooming is one of the most important parts of growing, maintaining, and styling facial hair. In fact, a well-groomed beard is essential to good beard care because it signifies you’re willing to take the time to clean, maintain, and take care of your beard. And while grooming your beard is easy, it is critical that men understand the basics of washing, combing, brushing, trimming, and styling to ensure the perfect beard.

The following is a complete guide to how to groom a beard. From cleaning and moisturizing your facial hair to trimming tips to the best ways to maintain your beard and maximize growth, these beard care tricks are sure to make your facial hair look good.

How To Care For Your Beard

The best beard care and maintenance tips start with using high-quality products regularly and taking the time to properly groom your beard to get thickness, shine, and growth. Whether you have a short full beard or thick long beard, these beard grooming tips will help you maintain your sexy facial hair.

Clean and Moisturize Your Beard

Caring for the beard you’ve worked hard to grow starts with a good beard wash. A clean beard stops bacteria, reduces itch, prevents dry white flakes or dandruff, and promotes healthy growth.

But beware the temptation to slather on the bar soap or hair shampoo you have on hand the next time you’re taking a shower. These types of products will do more harm than good and result in unhealthy facial hair or flaky skin.

Use a specially-designed beard shampoo and conditioner with gentle ingredients to keep your beard and skin hydrated and healthy. A moisturizing beard soap will protect and soften your facial hair. Plus, a clean and conditioned beard offers a much better base for grooming and styling.

Use Beard Oil

While beard washes are made to gently cleanse your beard, it’s important to follow up with beard oil to restore the natural balance of oils. When these healthy oils are stripped, by environmental conditions or cleansing, your beard may start to look dull or damaged. Intervene before this happens with daily application of beard oil to maintain the perfect beard.

Beard oil is most effective when applied to a slightly moist beard right after a shower, even if you didn’t wash your beard with shampoo and conditioner. Simply squeeze a few drops into your hand and rub it throughout your beard to make the hair easier to work with.

Use a beard comb to further spread the oil throughout your facial hair and to the skin under. This will stop beard dandruff.

Simply put, you can care for your beard and nourish it throughout the day with by applying beard oil.

Apply Beard Balm For Conditioning

Another product that works to condition your beard is beard balm, or utility balm. While beard oil will soak into your beard and skin fairly quickly to hydrate and moisturize, beard balm will take its time and remain on the hair for longer, similar to a leave-in conditioner.

A balm is designed to condition slowly for lasting results and a shiny beard. This thick, pomade-like product, applied daily after beard oil, will help you control split-ends, flyaways, and any stray hairs that make your beard harder to groom. It will also keep your beard from drying out during the day.

Beard balm will help to finish what your cleanser and beard oil have started by maintaining the health and appearance of your beard. There are many subtle differences between beard oil and balm that make using both necessary for proper beard care and maintenance.

Trim Your Beard

With hydrated and tamed facial hair, you’re ready to start grooming your beard. For starters, it’s important to trim your beard to keep it growing and strong. But beard trimming needs to begin with a goal.

Decide on the lengt

h that will flatter your face and what cuts you feel comfortable taking. Always cut and trim with extreme caution, starting with a long length for a rough estimation and then slowly trimming shorter.

For a short beard, we’d recommend starting with a 3 or 4 guard to get the right shape and follow it up with a 1 or 2 guard to get a shorter trim. Cut your beard a little bit longer than you want to leave room for error.

Also, be sure that your beard is dry and brushed out to get a uniform cut across your face.

Get Good Beard Grooming Tools

To trim your beard and mustache well, you’ll need to invest in a good beard trimmer. There are plenty of great yet affordable all-in-one beard trimmers that are well-suited for many hair types and styles. From short to long facial hair, the best beard trimmers for men offer the power and versatility to groom all types of hair to deliver the finished style you want.

For a thick beard, choose a cordless machine with self-sharpening, stainless steels blade, a robust motor, a waterproof design for ease of use, and multiple attachments.

If you’d rather have a short beard with heavy fading, then precision is more important than the number of options. Get a top-rated stubble trimmer to groom and style the perfect scruff.

Brush Your Beard Regularly

You’ve achieved the ultimate beard thus far, but now it’s time to keep it looking sharp and nice. Brush your beard regularly to keep it straight, healthy and full of volume.

Furthermore, brushing daily will train your beard to grow in the right direction. This can be especially useful if you want to straighten a curly beard.

Another benefit is that brushing your beard with a boar’s hair bristle brush can rid your face of dead skin, detangle hairs, and generally result in a softer, better-looking beard.

Blend Your Beard Neckline

Blend your beard neckline to get rid of an unkempt neck beard and take advantage a trendy look. To trim a clean neckline, you’ll need to find the line or area where your chin beard starts to go into your neck beard.

To do this, start by joining your middle and index finger and positioning them right above your Adam’s apple. When doing this, the top of your middle finger will determine where the bottom of your beard needs to be cut and you can go in with your trimmer to mark this line. Follow your jawline for the natural curve that will become your neckline.

To fade your beard neckline and lessen the contrast, attach a short guard to your trimmer to shave about an inch from the bottom of your new neckline up your jaw. Continuously add a longer length guard to your clipper and trim up your beard to achieve the beard fade you desire.

This fading results in a more polished look. If you’re not sure about trimming your own faded beard, ask your barber.

Style Your Beard With Styling Balm

Once you’ve trimmed your beard into a shape or design that suits your face shape, guys can style their facial hair with styling balm to groom it into submission. By this point, your beard should already be shiny, soft, and well-kept so all that’s left to do is apply a balm or wax and create a cool beard style.

Different balms have different textures and levels of control. An unruly beard for which volume is not an issue will require a heavy balm to hold it down; meanwhile, a product with medium hold is best for the average beard, and a fairly light styling product is going to be ideal for short or thin beards that need a volume boost.

Styling balms are creamy and thick, so less is more if you don’t want to needlessly way down your hair. Distribute it a little at a time throughout the areas of your beard that need styling until you like what you see.

Beard Grooming Tips

  • You’ll want to groom and maintain your beard regularly for the perfect look.
  • For a clean beard, wash and moisturize your facial hair with a quality shampoo and conditioner.
  • Apply beard oil and balm to keep your beard healthy for proper maintenance.
  • Use a good beard trimmer with a complete set of attachments when trimming your facial hair.
  • Shape and style a nice beard with a comb and then apply wax to keep your hairs hydrated all day.
  • Don’t forget to take care of your mustache for a stylish look.
  • To grow a long thick beard, make sure you have a balanced diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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