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Handy Guide To Grooming Your Beard Neckline Perfectly

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Have you ever tried to shave your neckline and ended up with half a beard? It sounds like any bearded mans nightmare but there are some ways to master it. The one thing that you need to avoid is trimming your neckline too high and shaving some of the beard around your jaw line. Check out our handy guide to grooming your beard neckline and what simple steps you can take to avoid any mishaps.

Why do you need a Neckline?

This is actually a great question and t

he honest answer is that you don’t actually need one, in some cases it adds thickness to your beard from a side view and maintains the natural look. For the vast majority of bearded men however, neck hair can become itchy and often grows out of shape, (that feeling when you don’t know when your chest hair starts and your beard ends).

A trimmed neckline will provide an outline to your beard and will add to the overall beard style that you are looking to achieve.

What Neckline suits you?

This is entirely dependent on your facial shape and beard length but is fairly simple when you have the right tools. Grab a handheld mirror and angle it your neck between two mirrors so that you can see your beard from all angles, we have found that a slight side and under view works best. From here you can look at how the shape your beard grows and imagine where on your neckline it should be trimmed.

How to do it yourself

Follow these simple steps for shaving your neckline –

Step One

After you have used the mirrors to check your current neckline, imagine a slightly curved line from the back of your ears around and under your jaw line (similar to the three touch points in the image above). This line should be close to the top of your Adam’s apple but not over it, that’s the easy step done.

Step Two

Imagine two vertical lines sweeping down the side of your head behind your sideburns and just in front of your ear (see red line above), these are the corners of your neckline. These are the lines that you need to follow to give your bearded a well-groomed rounded look.

Step Three

Trim everything around the indivisible curved line under your jaw and vertical lines leading from your sideburns downwards. Make sure that you gentle when shaving and use gradual movements to reach the desired effect… there you have it!

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