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Biker Beards Trend In 2021

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For the longest time beards and bikes have been seen as the perfect pairing – almost like burgers and fries. While one can exist without the other, they typically fare much better as a pair. There are many legends surrounding the origins of the connection between bikes and beards. 

One of the most believable stories points to the fact that having both a beard and a bike is a sign that you strongly reject convention. Another wants to lead us to believe that a beard only serves a functional purpose. By helping to protect the skin against the elements when riding your motorcycle.

Regardless of your belief, there is no denying that biker beards will continue to be grown in 2020.

Biker beards: varied and diverse

There is a huge misconception that a biker beard entails an unruly bush of facial hair that may, or may not, sport plaits at times. Although the typical biker beard does rely on some extra length from the chin area, there are many variations that are a lot more understated in both length and style. While you may find many Harley riders sporting a ZZ Top beard, guys who prefer taking to the open road on an adventure bike might prefer something a little more modest.

The Garibaldi, which can best be described as a full, broad beard that is round at the bottom, is ideal for a man who likes a slightly scruffy look without too much length. Many bikers who have full-time white-collar jobs also choose to grow a short, boxed beard which is easy on the eye and easy to maintain while still allowing the bearer a hint of freedom of expression.

The horseshoe is always an option

Not in the market for a full beard? The horseshoe or biker mustache, as it is also known, is always an option. This style, resembles the metallic plates worn by a horse to protect their feet and was originally made popular by Harley Davidson enthusiasts and, of course, wrestler Hulk Hogan.

While the horseshoe is without a doubt impressive, it is not exactly easy to grow and maintain. As not many men are capable of growing an unbroken mustache line down to the chin, a lot of barbers actually recommend growing a full beard and then shaving the unwanted hair from the jawline and cheekbone.

When opting to sport a horseshoe, please keep the proportions of your face in mind as someone with a very long face will not have the same good results as someone who has slightly fuller cheeks.

Maintaining a biker beard

Maintaining a biker beard is not all that different from taking care of a regular one. Unless you ride through mud or a swarm of locusts, there is no need to wash your beard more than two times a week. Where possible, make use of a quality, natural beard wash that will make it increasingly easy to maintain your willful whiskers.

In addition to a regular maintenance routine, consider opting for a specially-formulated beard oil that is known to reverse the damage caused by exposure to the elements. If you find yourself in need of a trim but do not have much confidence in your own styling skills it is probably best to seek out the services of a reputable barber. 

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