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How To Grow A Perfect Beard?

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The perfect beard has never been easier to grow, groom, trim and maintain. Because the truth is, with so many different types of beards in play nowadays, any cool facial hair can look good as long as it works with your style. This philosophy extends to any short, long, frizzy, untrimmed or unkempt beard. Ultimately, all you need is proper beard care, which starts with healthy lifestyle habits, a quality beard oil and a comb.

If you’re ready to grow and maintain the perfect beard, without split ends or coarse hair, this guide is for you! We’ll discuss the grooming tips you need to know to make your beard look good

How To Grow A Nice Beard

The key to growing a nice beard is genetic. If your father and grandfather couldn’t grow facial hair, chances are you won’t either. However, if long, full beards run in your family, then there are a few things you can do to ensure fast growth!

  1. Be Patient – beards take time to grow in so remain committed and don’t shave or start trimming too early.
  2. Wash Your Facial Hair – if you’re beard is getting itchy, be sure to wash it a few times each week to keep it clean and healthy. Avoid harsh shampoos that will dry it out and lead to frizz. Guys may want to consider a beard grooming kit for all their essential care products.
  3. Apply Beard Oil – the best beard oils can soften your facial hair, leaving it shiny and tamed. A good oil brand can also help with beard itch and control frizzy hairs.
  4. Comb Your Beard – while this may not grow your beard faster, it will certainly make it look nice in the process. Brushing your beard daily untangles stubborn hairs and trains them to style a certain way.
  5. Trim Split Ends – split ends in your beard can stunt growth, so make sure to cut them off.
  6. Eat Healthy – the proper diet is crucial to growing healthy hair on your head and face. Foods rich in vitamins and nutrients for hair growth include chicken, fish, nuts, eggs, spinach, avocados, bananas, lentils, beans, etc.
  7. Exercise – cardio and weightlifting increase blood circulation and testosterone levels, assisting in cell reproduction and hair growth.
  8. Sleep – growth hormones increase while your body is resting, thereby accelerating the process.

Fortunately, growing and maintaining the perfect beard comes down to having a healthy lifestyle, so if you need motivation to get fit or eat well, getting a full beard is worth the motivation!

Perfect Beards

If you’re looking for awesome beard styles for inspiration, you’ll love the ones below. Just remember that there is no such thing as the perfect beard length, design, or shape – if your facial hair looks good on you, that’s all that matters.

Frizzy Beard

Short Full Beard + Fade + Side Swept Hair

Long, Full Hipster Beard

Silver Fox Beard

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