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How To Take After Your Medium Length Beard?

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Medium Length Beard

The medium length beard is a stage of growth where your facial hair starts to take shape and it is important to trim and groom your beard regularly. Medium beards require proper care and maintenance, including washing, conditioning, brushing, and the use of high-quality beard products. It’s not the type of facial hair that you should take lightly.

While grooming needs increase, medium beard styles are sexy and attractive to women. Like a power suit, it’s all about keeping it neat and ensuring that it fits your style. But if you want to look like a virile alpha male, start growing a mid length beard now.

Who Should Style A Medium Length Beard?

Coverage is a big deal with a medium beard. If you are genetically able to grow a thick, full beard evenly across your face, then you’ll love medium length facial hair. However, a longer style is not recommended for guys who have thin or patchy areas. Unlike a short beard, you can’t get away without full facial coverage. Also, this type of facial hair puts a heavy emphasis on upkeep, so if you want an effortless grooming routine, you might not want to grow out a longer beard.

Thanks to the extra length, and the fact that it’s more tailored, a medium-sized beard will elongate your features and make your jawline even manlier.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Medium Length Beard?

On average, men have to wait anywhere between 1 to 2 months before they hit the ideal length. Still, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything for 30 days since trimming and cutting stray hairs and bringing up your neckline should help it take shape sooner.

How To Trim A Medium Length Beard

The key is to use your trimmer to shape and clean up your beard. After your beard reaches about 3cm, you’ll want to groom with the longest guard you have as well as start to use scissors to cut stray hairs. By doing this, you will keep your facial hair thick and even, and avoid the common mistake of cutting it too short and messing up your growth.

Avoid this pitfall by being disciplined and overly cautious with your trimmer and shears. As your beard grows to 2, 3, and 4 inches, you’ll stop using a trimmer and groom primarily with a comb and scissors.

How To Maintain A Medium Length Beard

A medium beard requires care and styling products. Any time your facial hair is longer than 1 inch, a good beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, and wax is necessary to maintain and style your facial hair. Apply shampoo or scrub when you’re in the shower and you’ll remove any dead skin that builds underneath.

When styling your beard, use wax or oil to add moisture so that your hairs don’t dry out and become flaky. Be sure to comb or brush through the liquid so that it reaches your beard’s follicles. With a bushier beard, using a trimmer to cut away hairs can be difficult, so you might want to switch to small scissors.

For guys with curly facial hair who want a straight beard, consider getting a quality beard straightener.

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