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3 Outdated Beard Styles You Should Avoid

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A lot of men have spent the last year experimenting with growing out their facial hair during quarantine, but figuring out which beard styles are retro in a cool way, as opposed to retro in a dated way, can be harder than you think.

In a recent video grooming expert Greg Berzinsky says he has noticed a lot of guys with beard patterns that have not altered much at all over time, or sometimes, styles that they have adopted because they saw it on somebody else but that do not necessarily suit everybody. According to Berzinsky, there are three trends in particular that should absolutely be left in the past.

The Circle Beard

“A lot of guys refer to it as a goatee,” he says, “but let’s set this straight, the goatee is actually the chin hair related to just the chin, and not necessarily a mustache… When you add a mustache to a goatee, you get a Van Dyke.” A circle beard, on the other hand, is the ’90s-inspired beard that you get when you shave everywhere except the hair around the sides of your mouth. Most guys will adopt a uniform length of 2 or 3 for a circle beard.

“One of the ways to remedy this are to let it go, let it get longer,” says Berzinsky. “You can actually take the circle beard to the point where it’s a true Van Dyke; a Van Dyke is often coupled with a stylized mustache, often a break between the mustache and the goatee.”

If you don’t want a sharply shaped or stylized beard, Berzinsky’s advice is simple: “Scruff solves everything. “Take your standard circle beard and let their be some scruff on the sides of your face, so it doesn’t look so manicured.”

The High Neckline

“This one should have never happened, ever,” says Berzinsky. “You’re disregarding every rule that almost every beard site will tell you, which is to keep your beard just one finger above your Adam’s apple… If you have any amount of weight on your face, it is going to accentuate that amount of weight. And even if you don’t, the minute you move your chin back, you’re going to develop a double chin.”

The remedy here is simple. Stop shaving your neck, and let it grow a little longer. Or, as above, “just add scruff.”

The Biker ‘Stache

“Unless you are Hulk Hogan, I don’t know if anyone should be wearing the biker ‘stache in 2021,” says Berzinsky. “I think it’s time to give it a break… I’m going to be bold, and say cut off the tails, and wear a chevron mustache. I really think the chevron mustache is going to make a big comeback.”

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