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How to Grow, Curl, Groom & Trim A Handlebar Mustache?

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The handlebar mustache epitomizes the facial hair style of the refined gentleman. While there are plenty of classy beards, to grow a handlebar mustache is the best way to compromise between an epic mustache and a masculine yet stylish look. Ultimately, this curly mustache looks awesome combined with a beard or goatee, especially when it’s grown long and twirly.

If the idea of getting a curled mustache appeals to you, then you’re definitely going to love this guide. Below, we will discuss how to grow, curl, groom, and trim a handlebar mustache!

What Is The Handlebar Mustache?

The handlebar mustache may be one of the most recognizable facial hair styles. This hipster mustache is typically grown long, with thin tips that are twisted and curled. Guys may use a variety of grooming products to style, stiffen and hold the ends. Without the proper trim and style, this popular mustache style can fall flat and look awful.

One of the best attributes of the handlebar mustache is its versatility. For example, guys can choose to grow a long mustache with thin tips, or opt for a thick look combined with a full beard. Moreover, how much you twist and curl the ends really depends on your desired style. Finally, pairing your handlebar mustache and beard with the perfect men’s haircut will have all the ladies drooling over your hot sense of style.

How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache

Growing a handlebar mustache will take at least 6 weeks. Like all facial hair styles, the handlebar requires patience, care, and grooming before it’s long enough to be styled into a proper handlebar.

Here’s how to grow, trim and style a mustache properly.

  1. Once you have enough facial hair to comb, you must start brushing and combing it to the sides. By training your hair to part in the middle, guys ensure that the ‘stache will grow into the right shape and design.
  2. The next step is to start applying mustache wax. After you’ve washed your mustache and have it slightly damp after a shower, work a small dab of mustache wax into your hair with a comb. Be sure to spread it thoroughly into your hair and out to the ends of each side, adding more wax as needed. If your mustache is tough and bushy, use more wax to soften it.
  3. Now, to style that unique handlebar curl, apply some wax to the tips and start twisting the hairs together between your fingers. For a more relaxed look, feel free to leave the ends down and out. However, the classic mustache requires you to lift the ends up and in. Consider trimming any wild hairs that don’t fall into place.
  4. Lastly, wearing a handlebar mustache is a commitment. You must wash, comb, wax, curl, and otherwise take care of it every day.

While the process may take some time, the modern handlebar mustache is completely worth it.

Best Handlebar Mustache Styles

Whether you want a thick, thin, short or long handlebar mustache paired with a cool hairstyle, beard or goatee, you’ll want to see this trendy look in action before deciding to grow it out.

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