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How To Grow That Sexy Stubble Beard?

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The stubble beard continues to be popular with men for so many reasons. For starters, stubble beard styles serve a specific purpose. If you’re a professional who isn’t allowed to grow a long beard, then shaving your facial hair and growing out some stubble may be the best you can do right now. Similarly, if you can’t grow a full beard due to genetics or have sensitive skin, then scruff may have to suffice. Fortunately, a scruffy beard, when groomed and styled properly, can be one of the hottest types of facial hair for men.

Below, check out our complete guide to scruff and learn all about the many sexy stubble beards to get in 2021. From light to medium to heavy stubble, here are the best ways to style beard stubble!

How To Groom A Stubble Beard

Most women find a thick stubble beard trendy and masculine. Even though scruffy facial hair can be rough and even itchy, something about this beard style screams alpha male. The best part about getting heavy stubble or a light beard is that almost any guy can pull it off and different lengths in the growth process allow for men to style different looks. Plus, it’s really easy to style and groom a stubble beard, no matter how long you decide to keep it.

To get a scruffy look, all you really need to do is let your facial hair grow for a week or two, shave it off, and let is grow again for a few days. If you don’t want to use a razor and start clean-shaven, we’d recommend a beard trimmer or groomer. You can even use a beard brush to stimulate your hair follicle to release its natural oils and therefore soften your facial hair.

While your beard hair follicles are too short to fully enjoy the benefits of beard oil, we still recommend you moisturize your face and skin to avoid dryness and itchiness. Although you can still use a touch of beard oil or balm to condition your facial hair, a good lotion or cream will work too.

Different Stubble Beard Styles

With proper care, grooming and time, men can enjoy a range of cool beard styles. This is because, although stubble is ultimately the shortest type of facial hair you can grow, the length of your stubble beard can actually make a difference in your appearance.

For example, when you first trim your beard, you’ll start off with light stubble. Guys with bald spots on their face or patchy beards will appreciate thin scruff because some missing hairs here and there are acceptable and unnoticeable.

Then comes the medium stubble beard. At this stage, your scruff is thicker and fuller, and your face becomes a little darker. You’ll have a beautiful mustache with stubble all along your cheeks, jawline and neck. If you’re not a big fan of mustaches, feel free to shave this part off for a stubble goatee. Ultimately, if you’ve been able to abstain from trimming or shaving, you’ll have grown a sexy five o’clock shadow.

The final stage of beard scruff is heavy stubble. As far as short beards go, you have the most versatile. Because your hairs are thick and full, you may consider applying beard care products to maintain a soft and healthy face. You may also want to brush your beard more often to spread your body’s natural oils, further promote growth, and keep everything styled in a particular direction.

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