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8 Long Hairstyles To Match Your Beard

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There are plenty of good-looking ideas for long hairstyles for men nowadays, and a wealth of information on how to style longer hair. But many of these ideas don’t necessarily go well with beards also. With this particular predicament in mind, we’ve come up with this list of great ideas for men who like having long hair AND a beard.

Don’t get us wrong: these hairstyles for men with thick long hair will flatter guys without a beard, too. But if you want to keep your beard and find a suitable long hairstyle for your thick-textured hair, you’re in the right place. These 8 long hairstyles are the best for what you need.

1. The Lumbersexual Hairstyle

A list of great long hairstyles for men who also like wearing beards couldn’t begin without a proper tribute to the lumbersexual hairstyle. This look just can’t stop being popular. It has even revitalized the beard fashion to unbelievable levels, and it’s still a long way from being done with the spotlight.

Our readers just can’t seem to get enough of this look, and for good reason. Even the lowliest unattractive looking man can transform into a desirable beast with this hairstyle and look. You really can’t go wrong with this. It will probably literally change your life for the better.

2. David Beckham’s Long at the Top Haircut

If you fancy letting your hair grow out longer but you’re still not comfortable with the idea of a full-sized mane, this is a good haircut for you. Inspired by David Beckham, this haircut for thick hair combines the wild touch of length with a more tamed look on the sides and on the back of the head.

It’s as visually stunning as a Pompadour, but we dare say it has a touch more class. Also, unlike a Pompadour cut, it’s suitable for men of all ages. As you can see, it goes great with a short beard, too.

3. Incredibly Good-Looking Ombre Hairstyle for Men

Another hairstyle suitable for men who aren’t afraid to grow out their hair really long and make a stand with it. It looks ridiculously attractive and once you have it set, it won’t need much grooming beyond a good shampoo and conditioner

If you’re among the lucky ones with thick and wavy hair who can sport this, you should take advantage of your good genes and go for it. As you can see, a full short-to-medium beard completes the look effortlessly. It’s hard to keep a cool head in the presence of such a magnificent style and you’ll soon start to notice that around you.

4. The Casual Wild Wavy Cut for Thick Hair

This look is ideal for men who like a relaxed and casual style, maybe not too long but definitely not well-groomed. If you like this wavy style and the sense of freedom it conveys, you should try it.

Especially if your thick hair tends to curl up towards the ends when you let it grow out, the style will surely flatter you. The beard style that works best with this haircut is casual short, but feel free to experiment. After all, this style is all about freedom.

5. The Full-on Rock Star Long Haircut for Men with Thick Hair

As proudly sported here by Russel Brand, there’s nothing that screams of coolness more than a full-on rock star haircut. If your hair is thick enough to be up to it, don’t hesitate. There’s something just innately wild and interesting about men who allow their hair to grow out to their heart’s desire.

The beard should exist, but be kept short enough for this look to work. After all, you don’t need to look like a caveman.

6. The Cute Low Man Bun with Full Beard

Jake Gyllenhaal is sporting a cute low man bun here that we thought is cool enough to emulate. Any guy with long straight hair should try this style at least once, especially if their hair has a beautiful thick texture that won’t make it look too flat when tied up in a bun.

The fact that this bun is placed lower than the usual choice on the top of the head is interesting and makes the entire style look even more relaxed.

7. Astonishing Messy Unruly Hair

If you are blessed with a thick and wild-looking wavy black mane, you should be happy to sport this astonishing long look. It’s not long enough to look unkempt, but it’s definitely wild enough to make a statement and make you infinitely cool.

This haircut tends to highlight and compliment the natural texture of your hair, so if your hair is thick it will really stand out and shine.

8. Long Grey Hairstyle with Beard for Classy Looks

A sophisticated look perfect for slightly older men, or for anyone else who fancies it. The long hair is just long enough to be elegant and interesting, but not long enough to become a nuisance. The short beard complements the style perfectly and needs little grooming itself.

If you have thick hair, this haircut is perfect for you. It will make you look sophisticated without trying too much, and your hair’s natural volume will give you a cool, effortless vibe.

This concludes our list of long hairstyles for men with thick hair and a fondness for beards. Which one would you wear?

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